Help! Identifying Ancient Ceph

Squid Queen

Help! I'm starting another fun-filled year of High School this year, and I have been making binder covers for each of my five or so subjects using cephs. And I thought that for history, I should use one of the more ancient ceph species.
... Then I realized, after drawing it, that I really don't know what kind it is! Is this an ammonite or what? Thank you for helping!
(I do apologize for the quality of the scan - I had to darken it, but part of the poor guys tentacles sorta didn't scan, so that's why there's the big black line over part of him)



Colossal Squid
Definitely an ancient ceph there Squid Queen. Looks like an orthoconic nautiloid of some description to me. Much earlier then the ammonites....

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