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My name is leroy and Im 23yrs old and needs some guidance. Ive had a love of marine life ever since i was a teenager and wanted to pusue it as a career. At 22yrs i was enrolled into college with intentions of becoming my dream, a marine biologist. I had to withdrawel due to moving. Im now living in savannah ga and everytime i go to the beach, everytime i smell salt water, I just wish I would go to school and atleast try. Ever since ive found out Im gonna become a father, ive decided to look into schooling. I really would be happy with working at an aquarium but I just dont have any luck finding info about how to proceed, and what are my options. Right now im working full time, on my own, supporting my soon to be family and having a busy work schedule. What should I do? Where should I start? I just feel like I belong interacting with marine life on a daily manner. Im a working adult wanting to do this as a career and support my family, help.
Ps. Love the website. Leroy


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:welcome: to TONMO, Leroy.

The only thing I can suggest is to look into becoming a volunteer at a local aquarium. It's usually very hard to get a paying position, but volunteering can sometimes lead to further opportunities.


Colossal Squid

I would say that for right now, volunteering is your best chance of spending time with marine life and making money. You can always go to school part-time and start working towards your goal.


Definitely volunteer and do personal research in your free time. Let me know if there are certain topics you are particularly interested in, I can send you some tantalizing articles. It brings me great happiness to know of fellow marine life enthusiasts. Good luck with your family and career, Leroy.

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