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hey guys, i'de like to start off by thanking you all for you post that i have had a pleasure reading through. i am now obsessed with cuttlefish as pets, ended up here from looking at some fishing video's.

i am thinking about buying or building a tank and start getting it perfect although i'm not sure how easy it is to obtain cuttlefish in Australia.

well thats all for now im gonna get back to reading the forums!


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:welcome: to TONMO... I'm sure you'll find plenty of reading!


Larval Mass
cuttlegirl;95831 said:
:welcome: Have you ever seen any cuttles in the ocean in Australia? I would love to dive with cuttles some day...
yes i have, :oops: i have captured and eaten a couple. i have also found some huge spines of cuttlefish on the beach, much larger than 12 inches.
i have never seen smaller cuttle fish, only the Australian giants.


Larval Mass
Animal Mother;95850 said:
Don't the cuttles in Australia get to be around 3 feet long???

Oh yeah, welcome to TONMO by the way :)
i have heard rumors of cuttlefish with eyes the size of a tea plate :shock: not sure how true that is though

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