Hello from France (Île de Ré)


Larval Mass
:snorkel: With this website and forum, you just made a dream I had in my head (raising a cuttle fish), against all odds (down here, on my French Atlantic Ocean island they are tragically food and cook recipes only), come true before I even try to implement it. Just finding you, did that. I couldn't believe the beauty of the photos, the videos of one of my favorite aquatic earthling you all posted... And the knowledge you have! Breathtaking. I'm amazed. Wonderful world, I will keep learning for now, have a great day! :snorkel:


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:welcome: to TONMO! I hope you will journal your attempts. I keep octopuses, not cuttlefishes and they are also considered as food by many so I just tell people I keep food as a pet :grin:


Larval Mass
Thank you for the nice welcome! "Keeping food as pet" such a splendid communication phrase!
-And yes I will journal my future adventure with a pet cuttlefish as soon as it happens ^^

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