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hi. i am very glad to be here. i promised myself that when i completed my master's in biology that i would get an octopus for myself. well, i have submitted the final version (hopefully) of my thesis this afternoon. and so now i'm ready to begin the process of keeping my promise. i've been a lurker for a while, and i have some idea of what's in store for me. i'm hoping to start really planning my tank and having it running by the end of june. if all goes well, i can get an octopus for christmas. i have read two books so far: the new marine aquarium by michale s. paletta and cephalapods: octopuses and cuttlefishes for the home aquarium by by colin dunlop and nancy king. i'm sure i'll be posting lots of questions, and i'm looking forward to your advice.


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:welcome: What was your thesis topic? Congratulations of finishing your thesis. First, find a good, independent fish store and start asking questions. See if there is an aquarium society in your area. You could start here (I don't know your location in Connecticut) http://www.ctars.org/


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Hi, and welcome to the site!

Thanks for reading the book Colin and I wrote (Octopuses and Cuttlefishes for the Home Aquarium) - it should really help you with setting up your tank and keeping your octopus. Glad you're going to be patient and not rush things.

You'll find octopus keeping very rewarding and fun.


Olad Nasus

Pygmy Octopus
thank you for your kind welcome!
@cuttlegirl: thank you for the info. i will follow up on that shortly. as far as my thesis, the short answer is my thesis was on genetic variation of a species of barnacles in southern california. the long answer is a galloping tale of woe that i will spare you from.
@ nancy: i really enjoyed your book. I know i will refer to it often.

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