Hello from Boston!!


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I'm thrilled that I've found a community devoted to the best animals in the world! (We're all biased here, right?) I've been fascinated by octopuses since working at the New England Aquarium in 2008. I've worked with three Giant Pacific Octopuses and studied chemoreception in cuttlefish, and I'm hoping to find an institution that specializes in cephalopod research to continue learning about these animals. I'm back to square one now that I've found out that the NRCC has closed down...

I don't have any pictures of the GPOs (sadly), but here's a pic of my travel buddy Fred:



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Welcome to Tonmo, and yes, we are all a little biased, so you're in good company! Any particular aspect of cephalopodness that you are interested in looking into?

Ps. Nice travel buddy, mines orange! :lol:

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