Hello fellow 8 legged freaks


just thought i would say a quick hello

have been a bit active in the cuttle fish pages but last night aquired a blue ring octopus Hapalochlaena maculosa :)

i will get up some pics soon once he settles in :)

look forward to absorbing some more info and hopefuly providing some observations for the dedicated blue ring fans

hopefuly as the weather warms up the sand occys will start coming out at night again and soon may have a few species to choose from :) will keep all those interested informed :)

till then :sink:


Colossal Squid
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:welcome: I see you've already discovered the "exotics" forum, which is where we prefer to keep blue-ring discussions.


thanks lance ... and yes monty i have now thanks to dwhatly :) my apologies for mixing this up i know the frustration of newbie mistakes to the vets :)

look forward to discovering lots of brain candy on this site and engaging in intelligent conversations :)

should add the Giant Cuttle in the pics i ahve added is on his last Tentacles ? :P both eyes have collapsed and he is acting very lethargic , has been off his food for a good couple of months now :( i will post up a "remembrance thread" in the exotic pages once he does finally go with pics and experiences and will journal our experience with the next one we acquire in the exotic section :)

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