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Hello all !!

Animal Mother

Sep 8, 2006
Wow, somebody's breaking all of the octo husbandry guidelines...hahahaha.

1)keeping a Blue Ring
2)LPS and SPS corals in the tank with octopus
3)Fish in the tank with octopus

These are things most of the people here feel very strongly about avoiding, and not without good reason.

Just an FYI

The Gnome

Feb 5, 2006
Yeah, I noticed that whoever made that video had both fishes AND coral with their Blue Ring. I guess if you're willing to take the step to keep one of the most venemous reef inhabitants possible, it's not a huge leap to risk keeping all of the other stuff with it.
The fish in there is a Purple Tang though .... that seems a little bit of an expensive risk if you ask me !

I have a pair of 8 " Red & White Volation Lionfishes in my home aquarium, so I guess I don't have much to say about someone keeping venomous creatures around ...

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