Hawaiian Orange Fireworm??

Discussion in 'Tank Talk' started by Salty Mama, Mar 10, 2005.

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    I am very new to the saltwater world, so I don't know much. There is a worm-lie creature crawling in and out of my live rock. The pert that was sticking out was at least 3 inches long. After searching different web sites for pics, i think it is a Hawaiian Orange Fireworm. The end of it is reddish-orange, and the middle is kind of bluish (like a person's vein). If this is one of these fire worms, the site I was on said they are not poisonous, but they do sting and should be removed if longer than 2-3 inches.
    My question is, should I remove it, and how?

    Please send responses to Eberle92102@aol.com
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    Here is a good link for learning more about fireworms, which are a type of bristleworm. bristleworms

    Most marine aquariums have some bristleworms. There are beneficial in that they help clean up any extra food or other waste. On the other hand, they're not good around small octos.

    If you want to remove them, the second page of this link suggests several ways.


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