Has anyone here ever owned Bobtail Squid?


Also not quite sure where to put this in forums, because they seem more like an benthic octopus than pelagic squid from what little I know. But there small size, cute looks and colors, and being a ceph definitely interested me..I just have never seen any around for sale. When I had my hummelincki girl years ago, I seem to remember someone on here having one? Is that person still here, and if so are they practical to keep if I set up a 40-60g tank JUST for cephs and maybe few coral? Not too much info on them in any books or internet I have seen, but would love to see some videos of them if any aquarist owns.


Hi! I have a lab at San Francisco State where we culture bobtails. I think you could keep a couple in a 40-60g tank pretty easily. Bear in mind they are extremely short-lived, with typical captive lifespans of around three months reported as standard. We've got a couple of elderly ladies in my lab here that are between 5 and 6 months, but that's still short, even by ceph standards. You could breed them though - they are one of the easier species to rear.
Send me PM and we can chat more about them if you like. I have a few pics here of our setup.
IMG_1984.jpg hatcheries.jpg eggs about to hatch.jpg IMG_2010.jpg


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Hi Octovarium,
Over the years, I think a couple of hobbyists have kept bobtail squid.
So good luck, Robyn will be a great help in finding out more about keeping them.


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