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Haliphron Illustrations

Chicago Octo

Larval Mass
Mar 19, 2003
Does anybody have an illustration of the largest Octopus found? I would like to see a drawing/sketch of what the big Haliphron looks like. I think it would be cool that someone would make a movie about it, instead of making a stupid one like Octopus 1 and 2 movie, or that other one that is half woman and half octopus.
Chicago Octo :x :evil: :twisted: :wink:


TONMO Supporter
Mar 15, 2003

There are a lot of ceph text books with some marginal illustrations of giant octopus, full colour reproductions tend to be rather glamorized. One of the best places to check would be a Cryptozoology site on the web, as many of them contain photos and drawings of giant octos...good hunting!

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