Guarding over and going back to a kill?


Normally I feed my male cuttle prey only large enough for a meal. Yesterday I gave him a live crab that was much larger than usual and more than a meal. I woke up today expecting to clean up the leftovers and saw that he was sitting on top of the carcass. I figured it was just chance as it was directly under where he usually hangs out so I left him with it undisturbed and planned to take out the crab at a later time. I came back 45 minutes later and he was actively feeding on it. I've never seen this kind of behavior...never seen them go back to a kill and resume feeding. I was especially impressed because this was 12 hours after the initial kill. I was under the impression that they would only feed when there was some kind of visual stimulation. Anyone else see anything like this?


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Interesting because I have never seen this with the octos. The ones I have kept ignore food just left in the tank on a stick even if they have not eaten for two days (but will come for fresh). I will freeze fiddler crabs if they expire and don't have any smell but if there is the slightest trace of odor, the octopuses will not take them.

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