Pygmy Octopus
Howdy All!

I wanted to formally introduce myself. I have been mingle in the "tank talk" section figuring out how to get my foot in the door into octokeeping.

I am a college student majoring in Atmospheric Science at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. I am currently a sophmore.

Anyway, hi all! :heee:


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:welcome: You might want to look at some of the journals to get a feel for keeping an octopus as well as the different animals that are available to the home aquarist. One of the major drawbacks to college students trying to keep an aquarium is the need to move it between quarters so keep this in mind while you are browsing. A dwarf species is best suited for this but the most common we keep (O. mercatoris) has not been readily available over the last couple of years.

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