grass carpeting to prevent escape?!


Larval Mass
Hi Everyone!
I know this is my first post but I need some advice. I've spent countless hours lurking on tonmo before registering because so far I've been able to find the answers to all my questions by searching.

I'm working on octo-proofing my tank and I just purchased some vinyl gutter guard and some lighting egggrate/crate. I was planning on using zipties to hold them together.

That WAS my current plan until today. I was at my LFS and I was reading a book on inverts and on the octopus page it said some public aquariums use artificial grass carpeting around the top perimeter of the tank to keep their octos from escaping because apparently they really don't like the texture.

Hopefully I'll be receiving an abdopus aculeatus sometime this week. I think I'm gonna use the lid just to play it safe but my curiosity might lead me to experiment sometime in the future. Has anyone else heard of, or preferably seen or tried this? Do you just line the top couple inches of the inside of the glass? Does it really work?


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Here is one discussion on astroturf and if you use the search function with that word you will find more. Basically, it has to extend the length of an outstretched arm and gets very nasty very quickly. The height of it alone will disqualify its use in a home aqauarium.


Larval Mass
Cool thanks! I should have thought of searching for astroturf... It makes sense that it needs to be a decent size strip and it also makes sense that it would get nasty quickly. I will def be sticking to my current design.

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