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Larval Mass
First off, I want to say that I love the site and that it helped me tons when I researched into getting a octopus.

Well, at the moment I am looking into getting an aquarium all set up. Is this good?

Getting tank at my LFS and same with lighting(unless you think i could get a good deal on the internet, if so then tell me)





live rock/live sand

Besides the regular stuff(nets/test kits/etc.) Do i need anything else? Also, should i downgrade anything to save my self some money?


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Hi and welcome to! :welcome:

I've just looked at this quickly but have a couple of suggestions. You won't need the UV, so you can save some money there. Also, you might consider buying a protein skimmer that fits into your sump.

How large will your tank be? Be sure to have your tank covered well to prevent escape and don't let the LFS sell you bright lights - you need only a fluorescent strip light.

It's a good idea to buy the tank from the LFS - tanks don't ship so well and it's useful to establish a relationship with a good LFS.

I suppose you've already read Colin's Equipment List (click on the Ceph Care button above).

Glad you like the site!



Larval Mass
Thanks, but besides getting a protein skimmer, do you think I will be alright? Also, I was looking into getting a feeder tank, which is the better option?
1. Buy a mini setup and place it by my tank
2. Use a refugium
3. Throw all my feeders into my main tank

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