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Pygmy Octopus
Hi there Everyone!
My name is David Bell from Australia but I currently reside in Okinawa Japan working as a teacher. Okinawa is a great place to dive where you can see the occasion octopus or squid. I try not to tell the locals where I saw them because they would hunt them down and eat them.
Since a little kid I have always read and study about all kinds of wildlife. The octopus was always my favourite. At the moment I'm writting a big novel where the entire action happens under the water and the main Hero is an Octopus. I can't give the story away but its about an octopus and his friends and how they survive in the ocean against Moray eels, sharks, evil fishermen and human pollution. I'm hoping my book will change the general population's attitude towards octopuses and bring the octopus and the ocean the respect and popularity it truelly deserves.
I expect to finish the first book (I hope to make a series) early next year. I game across this home page by accident and I was suprised to find so many other octopus lovers like me, and I thought that this could be a good place to gain some support. I have no idea how and when it will be published but when its out on the shelfs please buy a copy. As of yet I haven't thought of a title but I'll keep you posted.
If anyone wants to lend their support or ask a question or two, please feel free. That's about it for now, see ya!


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Excellent! Good luck with your work; can't wait to buy it in hard cover. :) Welcome to!


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