Giesemann 250w Nova II pendant halides FS

Il Pulpo

Larval Mass
I have two silver Giesemann Nova IIs with 250w double ended bulbs (500w total). These are about 12" long, aluminum chassis, glass panel and hang suspended from the ceiling.

The best price I've seen for them online is about $500 each (which is consistent with what I paid for them a few years back when I upgraded from VHO/compacts). I'd like to get $500 for the pair (plus shipping) and will include the functioning bulbs in both, plus a third, brand new bulb with a $65 price tag still on it.

I think this is reasonable, but make me an offer, and let's see if I can't find a new home for these very high quality German made lights with quick disconnects, digital (high efficiency) ballasts, and very very minimal corrosion or wear and tear. More pics available if there's interest. Post here and I'll PM my email address for further communication.

Il Pulpo

PS- I don't have much posting history here (though I signed up almost 2 years ago!), so if someone's interested, but concerned about me, we can run it through ebay, paypal, a trusted local, or whatever will make you comfortable with the transaction. Thanks again!


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