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giant squid tentacles and suckers


Apr 6, 2003
Hello, squidboymom. Yes, Architeuthis does have suckers down the length of the two tentacles, but they are very different in structure and function from the suckers on the club. The suckers on the arms are small, widely spaced and function much the same way as the snap closures on clothing: a tubercle on one tentacle "snaps" into an equivalent sucker on the other tentacle. This + and - arrangement also appears on the clubs, where it's referred to as a carpal locking structure. (Mesonychoteuthis, the colossal squid, has equivalent structures.) This arrangement is useful in feeding behaviors, as the doubled tentacles shoot out from the armature like a piston with pincers on the end. Two linked tentacles are stronger than one, and linked tentacles are more cleanly stowed within the armature.

Tell Roy that his drawings are great.



Blue Ring
Apr 1, 2011
Thank you! Great info. and picture links. Roy should be coming in to draw again soon. He's been out playing "giant squid vs. Sperm whale" in one of our many mudpuddles from the last rain. Not sure which dirt clod was ceph and which was cetacean! Ahh...childhood...inspiration can come from just about any medium. By the way, he is always happy when someone likes his pictures...now archi's tentacles will look "just right".

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