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getting tank ready for first octopus


Larval Mass
Sep 17, 2005
hey everybody..i was just wondering since my reef failed i was thinking about maybe getting a ocotpus..they seem really neat and there awsome..what kind of modifcations do i have to make on my aquarium?..i have 70 lbs. of LR still, i have 2x250 watt MH, i have 4 powerheads, a canister filter, moonlights, 60 lbs. LS, a blue tang, a manderian, a protein skimmer and all kinds of mineral bottles left...i've read some about them on liveaquaria.com but do u guys have any other info or has anybody had them they could tell me more to.


Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com :welcome:

Yes, to the last post - but we have a number of ceph care articles and you'll find them by clicking the Ceph Care button above. You'll find lots of important information and care guidelines there.

Octos are fun, but the live food can be expensive and hard to come by. That's something you need to look into before you buy an octopus. If you live along the coast, food will be easier find. If you live inland, you'll have to have crabs and live shrimp shipped in to supplement frozen food.

You won't need so many powerheads, either - one would probably be enough. As for light, fluorescent strip lighting will do fine,and you need to cover the tank so that it's escape-proof.


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