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Future cephs


Nov 7, 2009
If youre asking yourself the meaning of my signature, here's the answer.


I'm sorry its in spanish... but in english i couldnt find da scene.
Its a documentary made by expert evolucionists predicting how different groups of actual species would be 200million years in the future. This scene is the colonisation of cephalopods in land. Squidphant (niche of the elephant), squidmonkey..etc
If you understand spanish..enjoy!!


O. vulgaris
Oct 29, 2009
this is an extract from the tv video documentary : future is wild ( I have it in English version, imported recently from UK)


This is based on extinctions, convergent evolution and ecosystems colonisations.
Based on knowledge and assumptions.

3 ages are described in this dvd.

first one 5 millions years in the future.
the second 100 millions years ( the firsts terrestrials ceph in the swamps) .
and the third 200 millions years in the future ( terrestrian cephs climax but also giants squids http://www.thefutureiswild.com/index.asp?level1id=3&level2id=8&level3id=12&level4id=38 ).

It is not talking only about cephs , but about life forms in few ecosystems of each age.

French futuroscope amusement park http://uk.futuroscope.com/ is providing an 3 dimensions version based on this. ( Sometimes in France we have some fun things ... )

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