Fundamentals of inspirations from octopus biology to flexible robotics


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Grant Agreement number: 231608 Project acronym: OCTOPUS Project title: Novel Design Principles and Technologies for a New Generation of High Dexterity Soft-bodied Robots Inspired by the Morphology and Behaviour of the Octopus

Funding Scheme: Large Scale
Integrating Project Deliverable Number: D2.1
Title of Deliverable: Fundamentals of inspirations from octopus biology to flexible robotics

WP related to the Deliverable:
WP2 - Analysis of existing relevant knowledge on the octopus Due Date: April 30, 2009


Colossal Squid
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wow that sounds extremely interesting. I would love to have a robot octopus. Heck i would love to have any robot!

The information on the anatomy of the sucker and arm is fascinating.

Good find!


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You have to thank Level_Head for that find. I was looking for a reference on how the octos biology works to stop bleeding almost instantly. I did not find what I was looking for (recommendations solicited) but did come across the article.


I'd looked at the beginning of this paper a while back, and expected it to pertain mostly to the mechanics for the benefit of constructing robotic analogues. It's a very nice recap of what's known about cephalopod (mostly octopus) brain organization, as well as intricate detail about how the arm works with nice sectional views.

A good find indeed, and thanks for reminding me not to skip over something based on first impression!

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