Frozen food training!! Any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Octopus Care' started by softmick, Jun 19, 2006.

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    I have posted this in a thread in the journal section also but thought it makes a good thread on its own....

    I am in the process of training my new octopus to accept frozen food by stuffing a freshly cracked mussell with frozen lancefish and shrimp. Here in the UK mussells are a very good live food as they are only around 80p per pound. Does anyone know how nutritional they are if fed as a sole source of food?

    Up to now he hasnt noticed and eats the lot!:smile:

    How do you / have you, trained your cephs to eat frozen food?
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    Hello :cuttle:

    I can only tell you how we made frozen food (Crangon sp.) attractive to our cuttlefish babies:
    Fresh (living) Crangons were mixed with some Crangons that were cooled down for a few minutes (not moving much) and with frozen Crangons. The young cuttlefish learned to link not-moving (frozen), slowly moving (cooled) and living food quickly and over the time fresh Crangons were more and more substituted by cooled-ones until frozen ones were finally accepted as the "main dish"...

    Hope that's sort of helpfull...

    K :sink:

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