Frozen Food for a New Baby Octo

Discussion in 'Octopus Care' started by jkprules, Nov 23, 2007.

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    Hey everyone. I just added a baby octopus (Blooper 2) to my tank on Tuesday that I got from Marine Depot Live? Mantle is maybe the size of a pinto bean. He's doing great so far, having eaten a couple small snails and hermit crabs. I've read you can get them to eat frozen mysis shrimp sometimes and I was hoping someone would have some advice on how to do this. Any recommendations?
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    I would continue to offer what you know he is eating, meaning the snails and hermits and you can try to supplement with some frozen mysiis, but I find it's best when they are new and babies to stick with what works, meaning the live food for now. As they grow some accept frozen and some do not. Biddle, my current octopus does not care whether it's live or frozen as long as it's food, but then he's been with me now for 8 months and as a baby ate small snails and hermits and tiny crabs, live.

    And :welcome:to Blooper! Love the name!

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