Fossil Hunting in the Queen Charlotte Islands


I went to the Queen Charlottes for a 4-day work trip. The watershed on the west coast of Graham Island in which I was working has a bedrock geology consisting of Mesozoic-age volcanic and marine sedimentary rocks. I was quite excited to see that the sedimentary rocks had reported occurrences of belemnites and ammonites. Visions of finding a nice ammonite to put on the mantle danced in my head...

Alas I was on the lookout for any fossil cephs but despite making any excuse to examine promising outcrops, couldn't find any fossils at all except for one little bivalve of some sort...

I get to go back in a few months, so the story is not over yet :D


Colossal Squid
Bad luck, Snafflehound. Maybe next time.

What sort of ammonites might you find there? I had a look on Google but could not find much information.

Here's to next time!


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