former owner of octopus, They bore me, Are cuttles for me


i have a 240 gallon tank with 2 octopus's

in my life I have kept 3 octopus, while Im amazed when they eat ect.

THey are not worth it in my opinion, cause they are hardly EVER out.

I have heard cuttles swim all the time and are around about more than octos and dont hide

do cuttlefish ship as well as octopets

if i get a cuttle i will be gettin it from octopets as All 3 octopus that i got at different times have made it fine coming from him

i cnat find hardly any pictures of the cuttles from octopets .

do any of you guys here have that species

also how fast do they grow , like i said i have a 240 gallon tank and I dont want to have to look at a 1 inch cuttle in that huge tank 5 months before it grows

ive had my bimac octopus for 3 months and their mantles are now only 2 inches long , and Im wanting smoeting that grows bigger faster, and is more intresting and i can get plenty of time watching it explore and jet around

by the way I already have a MONSTER skimmer as ive heard they are more likely to ink


i still have them

i still have them ,

i just meant im going to be a former owner once the octos fulfill the rest of their lives

im keeping tem until they die of natrual cuases


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cthulhu77 said:
natural causes=lack of food, attention, cleaning, etc. ?????
No need to jump to conclusions... I think marinerules is stating here that he'll support the octos properly throughout their lives... but please do correct me if I'm wrong, marinerules!

My understanding (from reading posts here, but not ever keeping) is that after a couple of months of good care, octos will definitely present themselves and not be so reclusive. Have a look through the archives, photos, videos and articles on octos such as corw314's Ink, Nancy's Ollie and many others here. Overall I'd say that while there have been a few "duds" (for want of a much much better term at the moment!) the majority of experiences described here with regard to keeping octopuses have been quite positive -- the images and words depict a fulfilling experience with lively, charismatic creatures that in some regards actually become an extension of their own family, like your traditional dog or cat.

It may sound like I'm trying to defend octos here, but really, I guess I'm just saying I'm surprised that this is your conclusion after owning three of them. Maybe there's something you can change on your end -- what are you feeding them, what's the tank environment like, etc.?

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