Food Grade Plastics and the ones to avoid!!


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I post on a local reef forum and asked a question about plastics... I have for years used trash cans to store water as do a great deal of people I know... After reading this I think I have to change my ways... not shocking by any means but not the best I can do either...

Plastics To Avoid

If you know that a plastic container or bag is not made of food grade material, you should not use it for brining. If you cannot determine the food grade status of a container or bag, you should assume it is not food grade and not use it for brining.

Examples include:

HDPE white plastic containers of unknown food grade status
Garbage cans or pails
Mop buckets
Laundry detergent or kitty litter buckets
Dry pet food buckets
5-gallon utility buckets from the home center
Household storage containers
Garbage bags
Any container—even if made of food grade plastic—that has been used to store non-food items like chemicals, paint, or detergent

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