Food and Temperature


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Both Roy and Joe-Ceph have promoted lowered temperatures and minimized feedings for O. bimaculoides based upon their success with keeping these animals healthy for over two years. To date, the recommendations are antecdotal but well founded. I read this article summary (non-ceph related) in Practicle Fish Keeping and felt it was worth posting for the possible relationship with the temperature and value of food in a colder environment for some animals.

Who survives climate change? Fish guts could be a key factor. Practical Fish Keeping May 16 2012

The Effects of Temperature on Gut Blood Flow and Gut Motility in Fish March 9, 2012 (abstract and articles)


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Interesting, I guess we need to keep in mind though that our cephs have a quite different metabolism. We do keep ours at ambient and our harbour ranges from about 5 C in winter to 25 C in summer (41-77F) and we notice a die off in the harbour after the first cold snap of winter, not sure how climate change will effect our 8 armed babies! Maybe they'll live a bit longer!

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