dang, i almost got that exact one from that guy in la. but good for you hope he does well.


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What a fabulous looking creature, with those amazing rippling stripes and sneaky tentacles! I'm always surprised at their superficial resemblance to spiders, as well... creeping forward, with the large abdomen behind. VERY cool. 8-)


wow i think it is fair to say everyone who has ever looked at keeping cuttles here is jealous - easily my favourite species and a nice size too!!! how big now?

bout to have a look at the movie - good luk oh and good luk on getting another righty - are they difficult to come by? they would be small to rear though...but u have experience with small ones (bandensis...) ,,, right?


Colossal Squid
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Colin - I paid the price you quote for them in your articles.

He is about 1.5 inches long. The males are smaller, so no telling how old he is. However, even if he dies this week he was worth it to me. :D

They are very difficult to come by. I am working on getting a female or more, but have little hope. If anyone has any connections I would appreciate it.

Marinebio - a local who has been studying them in the wild says there is what looks to be mating behavior in the video.

Ripping out the and bed in the reef tank today - wish me luck!



O. bimaculoides
Righty's Aquarium Specs

Hello everybody, and Righty.

Righty, I live in Bangkok and have finally found a store here that sometimes gets Flamboyants. Last time two came in, he said one was DOA and the other purchased immediately. I can order one, and the wait could be a few months before it comes.

I've just ordered a tank made to be made 48" X 24" X 24" with large sump underneath. Now I'm shopping around for protein skimmers and filtration options - I'm imagining live rock, live sand, and caulerpa (and Mangroves maybe). I've never kept marine before, only fresh, and have been reading all I can about it..

I was wondering if you could share some information about the kind of filtration, skimmer, etc. you are using on your Flamboyant tank. I was thinking I should try and keep corals alive, or the relatively inexpensive (and releaseable) local Pharoah cuttlefish first as a kind of test. It would be too sad to get a Flamboyant and just have it die!



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