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Fishless Cycling


Larger Pacific Striped Octopus
Jul 31, 2003


Pygmy Octopus
Mar 31, 2003
I did it...

I used raw cocktail shrimp in my tank to get my tank cycled. Also in the tank were about 10lbs. of live rock and about a 1.5" sand bed.

The tank cycled (ammonia and nitrite levels went to 0.0), and I later added another 40lbs of live rock and two damsels.

There was a minor spike in ammonia upon the introduction of the second batch of live rock (from die-off of the hour drive from the LFS to my apartment), but other than that the tank cycled well without fish.

A fish-less cycle is definitely do-able. I have heard that adding ammonia straight to a tank is not advisable, but I do not know the reasonings behind that.

I have also heard that adding uncured live rock will also cycle your tank (the dead organic material will provide enough ammonia)

[By the way - the second link you posted does not point at anything.]


TONMO Supporter
Nov 14, 2002
Fishless cycles are becoming more popular and some see it as being kinder on the animals but personally i cant think when i last lost a test pilot... My two black mollies in my freshwater tank have been marine on many ocassions.

Using uncured rock willl certainly work or get a high chair and pee in the tank, just as good :lol:

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