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fisheries impact may be underestimated


Jul 16, 2008

Dear noble friends,

My name is Andy Hoang and I am a volunteer and PR for our coming SOS International Climate Change Conference, sponsored by EcoFoodPrint. We are non profit organization with "primary goal" to bring global warming awareness to the public and politicians...so together we can work faster to mitigate the seriousness and many catastrophic consequences can resulted from Climate Change; and save our beautiful planet. Global Warming is time bomb...tickling away...and time is running out.

Global Warming can defines the faith of existence of humanity and our beautiful planet. Please ...share and spread the message of this event.

THIS IS A FREE ADMISSION CONFERENCE with free vegan-food and refreshments. Please....please....please help promote our event with your organization, colleagues and members.

FOR DETAIL....Please visit this website for more detail and registration:

Thank you very much for your assistance.ANDY

LET SAVE OUR PLANET; GO VEG AND BE GREEN.. . Visit: SuprememasterTV.com for positive TV around the world.

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