Fish Mimics Mimic Octopus That Mimics Fish - National Geographic

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    2 [SIZE=-2]National Geographic[/SIZE][/URL][/FONT][/TD]
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    5 Fish Mimics Mimic Octopus That Mimics Fish
    6 [SIZE=-1]National Geographic[/SIZE]
    7 [SIZE=-1]A small jawfish (see red arrow) mimics a mimic octopus in a video still from a new study. A mimic octopus mimicking a flatfish. Photograph courtesy Rich Ross. The mimic octopus can take on the forms of a lionfish, a jellyfish, a shrimp, a crab, ...[/SIZE]
    8 [SIZE=-1]Video captures a fish mimicking a mimic octopus that mimics fish[SIZE=-1]Christian Science Monitor[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    9 [SIZE=-1]How Does a Fish Mimic a Mimic Octopus? [Video][SIZE=-1]Scientific American (blog)[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    10 [SIZE=-1]Fish mimics octopus that mimics fish[SIZE=-1]Discover Magazine (blog)[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    11 [SIZE=-1] -Audubon Magazine (blog) -io9[/SIZE]
    12 [SIZE=-1]all 19 news articles »[/SIZE]
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