First time HPL reader!

Discussion in 'Culture' started by sedna, Apr 6, 2010.

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    I know, how did I make it to 39+ years before reading Lovecraft? My dad had lots of his anthologies on the shelf as I was growing up, but when I recently asked for them, he said they had burned up in the house fire 6 yrs ago. Not to fear, a few days later boxes from appeared, filled with collections of HPL's stories. The weirdest thing is every time I talk to my dad lately, he can still quote stuff from the stories! What does this say about my dad?

    Aside from finally getting literary references I've missed (I used to think "Futurama" was funny before reading Lovecraft...) I'm loving the formal language! Here and there I have to re-read a sentence to catch the old- fashioned wording, and sometimes just because the passage is so great!

    "...without that modicum of imagination which holds the average citizen within certain limits fixed by taste."

    While I can recall many times that would have been appropriate, what would people think if I popped that out of my mouth...

    Also, I'm rethinking those old Star Trek episodes. "The Color Out of Space," Orgainians? Medusans?

    Anyway, I appreciate Basalt Falls all the more, too!
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