First octopus but won't come out of hiding

Discussion in 'Octopus Care' started by Derek, Oct 29, 2014.

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    I recently purchased and octopus from live aquaria. It was said to be a Mexico octopus. Unfortunately I didn't take any pics before I put him in the tank which is gunna be 2 weeks ago coming up this Saturday. I have really only seen him out once at night and every now and then I will seen a tentacle pop out for where he made his den. He has eaten the emerald crabs that I put in there and I think one hermit crab. Does anyone know if or when he will come out of hiding I tried getting him to come out by putting some frozen shrimp in front of his den but only got a tentacle And wasn't interested. How can I get him to come out ?
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    Hi Derek and welcome to the site.

    Even though your octopus hasn't been visible much, itbis eating and you see some signs of it, so your octo seems to be doing OK.

    We don't know what age your octopus is, but it might be young and will be out more as it gets older and more accustomed to its new home. Also, sometimes they blend in their surroundings so beautifully that they can be in front of you, on a rock, and you will never see them.

    You may have a nocturnal species, so you might be missing some of its activities at night. Do you have a red light on the tank at night, which would enable you to observe without disturbing your octo??

    There have been a few octo keepers who have kept small octopuses that only showed themselves through waving arms. Hopefully yours will be more active.

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