Finally got my e-mail verified


I've been trying to post for a while but thought i couldn't because I wasn't a supporter. turns out someone just forgot to verify my e-mail. So now i'm finally posting, Hazzah!. TONMOCON was AWESOME!!. My sisters were so excited for me that i got to drink and eat pizza with (or at east next to) a GPO and cuttlefish. It was great meeting so many other cephalopod enthusiasts.
A little about myself: I did my masters under the illustrious Dr. Steven O'Shea. The title was "A systematic review of the genus Chiroteuthis (Mollusca: Cephalopoda) found in New Zealand waters". I am currently working on a few papers for publication from that content. I plan on starting my PhD sometime mid to late 2012 on a worldwide review of family Chiroteuthidae. I've already started some preliminary work on it and I'm very excited to actually get it properly started! Feel free to look me up on Facebook. My name on there is also Becca Lopod.


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Thanks for joining becca!! Yes, the system is supposed to send all new registrants an email, but a lot of email providers reject email from as spam (unfortunately). If you put in your address book, depending on your email provider, you might avoid having email from the system get blocked.

It was great meeting you at TONMOCON and I'm really glad you're here on the site! :thumbsup:


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ESquid helped me with the FB picture ID's so that I could tag you but I thought it was a bit odd that we had not heard from you. Glad you kept trying and I am looking forward to some of your travels and reportable finds!.

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