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Mar 19, 2003
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Polyethylene containers cause squid mortality?

Traces of hydrocarbon chemicals could cause problems?
An article in "The New Scientist" (5 April 2003, p.16) claims that extracts from molluscs (mussels collected from beaches known to have been oiled) are toxic to healthy mussels, after removing all identifiable compounds.
I would like to have read that extracts from 'clean' mussels did not have the same effect to make sure that it was not some artifact of the testing.

I wonder if a release-agent is used when forming polyethylene?
Whether polyethylene film (sheet) lining another container would increase squid mortality, or whether it is only worse in thick-walled polyethylene?
Any thoughts, Steve?

It's a funny world -- poly-vinyl alcohol has been used as a mould release in glass-fibre constructions, and as a major component in making bundles of glass filaments into a fibre! (I have heard that the boat manufacturers don't use that type of fibre as it makes the hulls more water sensitive because poly-vinyl alcohol is soluble in water!)