feeding the new guy


quick question. will a cuttlefish eat until it is full or until all the food is gone? the reason i ask is that it would be easier for me to get alot of feeder shrimp and cycle the tank with that and to let them get a mini-breeding colony started as opposed to getting food everyday. now, i doubt that the shrimp colony would be able to keep up with the cuttle's appetite, but it would help. just wondering, thanks

Andy Lister

They seem to eat until they are full, i've had crabs live in the tank with my officinalis for around a week before and have seven adult cuttles in there. They just go every now and again.

Really depends on the ammount and size of your shrimp and the size of your cuttles i'd have thought. COuld you keep them in a sump at all? Do you have a sump? Thats not a bad idea for culturing food, specially copeopds if you want to breed Octos

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