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F/S Octopus in Southern California


Jun 21, 2012

I don't know if I am posting in the right section or if i am even allowed to but I have an Octopus for sale for those who are interested. I am located in Southern California. I don't know the exact specie. I am looking for a better home for him.

Let me know if interested. I will not ship, only pick up available.



Sepia elegans
Staff member
Jan 6, 2005
Dancing between Vancouver and Auckland
I wouldn't say that no one is interested, because many of the members on this site are always looking for an Octopus. People may be wondering how much you are asking for it? I recall that you recently obtained an octo, is it this one? If so, may I ask why you are wanting to sell it? It looks like a wonderful little guy. :smile:
Finally, you are limiting your market by stating that you will not ship it. I'm not sure how many of the members live in the Southern California area... so that may be another reason why there appears to be a lack of interest.

Best of luck. Hopefully someone will message you about it soon.

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