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okay so i bought 3 cuttle eggs wednesday. 2 hatched thursday at 12 am and 4 am and one hatched friday morning at 3 am.

i ordered my live rotifers and mysids on wednesday figuring they would be shipped thursday and i would recieve them on friday and try feeding them 1 mysid and see if any go for it. and do that everyday til they eat....


so i have to wait until the weekend is over until i can get them

i started a BBS culture last night and some eggs have hatched, can i use these until my rot/mysids come in the mail? or should i drive for an hour both ways to pick up some live rotifers/phytoplankton from a man i know from www.Manhattanreefs.com who said he will help me out.

Anyone have any success whatsoever with BBS?

this only needs to work for 2-3 days =/

if it will not work i will take the long expensive toll/gas drive down there. since i


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Unfortunately, I am not a cuttle keeper but do read all the threads (and likely one of the few people on at this hour). Fortunately, I have read that cuttles often don't eat the first week. As you suspect bb's are not recommended food. There is some conjecture that they might help stimulate a feeding response but the luck with them has been slim to none.

Here is a link to a discussion about a similar situation. If you will look at the sticky at the top of the Journals and Photo forum there is a List of our Cuttlefishes post. It contains links to the histories of many of the cuttles raised from eggs and most discuss first feeding.


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I am not sure what you want the bbs/rots for - feeding the mysis?

You should/might bo ok for 2-3 days. As D said, they often don't eat for that amount of time anyway. No reason to drive for rots/phyto because they are not cuttle food. :D

Try the bbs and let us know what happens. I suspect you won't get a feeding response because they are too small, but weird things happen.


O. vulgaris
oh i thought baby cuttles sometimes fed on rots, oops, after all the reading ive done i stil screw that up lol, i should have ordered amphipods instead =/ thanks for the fast responses guyys.

Thales, but after the weekends over and by the time i actually get my mysids it will be like 5-6 days no feeding post hatch.

i guess ill try the BBS a few times daily and see if i get a response.


O. vulgaris
yeah i asked my lfs to order them for me they said they wouldnt come in til tuesday.... no where within a 45 min drive has tigger pods in my area. still trying the BBS though. wish em luck =/


Do you run a sump? Have any chaeto in it?
I was able to harvest very small amphipods by swishing chaeto around in a bucket with 5"or so of tank water. The baby cuttlefish would eat the smallest of them (not the 1/2" adult amphipods, but the babies) at just 4 days old.
I am willing to bet these are more nutritious than mysids just due to their slightly higher mass... although I have absolutely no proof of that.

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