egg update and pics of charleston aquarium


Sepia elegans
well just a little update on the eggs...

yolks are about half gone and in the last 2 days the babies are much more defined. ive also started to set up the nursery tanks. so far ive got 4 of them the smallest is one gallon the largest is 20. ive got air stones with riser tubes on them to bring the water to the surface and to oxygenate the water.

the other pics here are from the charleston aquarium(went today) unfortunatly this octopus vulgaris is housed in about a 200 gallon tank with 9 flounder and 4 oyster toadfish (see if you can find the flounder in the picture with the little girl)... all larger than the octo... poor thing... anyway enjoy the pics



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Looks like you will have a good hatch rate. Hopefully that translate to some survivors.

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