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"Easiest" mysid culture


O. vulgaris
Aug 12, 2009
Ive heard of varying range of difficulties culturing these guys and i cant seem to find a good formula to go by and id rather not order my mysids, only to have them all eat eachother and have to order another 200.

anyone have any success/failures attempting to culture these required baby cuttle foods?


Jan 21, 2010
I hope you get a lot of responses on this. I just ordered 200 and will be keeping them in a separate 10 gallon. The first batch I kept in a breeder net and was told that was way too small. They like lower salt ~1.014 per the company I purchase from and I am going to keep the water around 75, currently it is at 72. They are simply fed either baby brine shrimp or flake food and should be fed a couple of times a day to preclude any cannibalization.

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