dwarf species ID


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At first I wasn't really interested but you know...

These are not your normal stellar pics so I am assuming you are using your phone :grin:. I can't tell anything from the photos other than they are small (assuming a medium sized critter keeper). However, if you know for sure that they are from the Philippines and the arms are 4 or 5 times the mantle length the likelyhood of them being some kind of abdopus is pretty good based upon the coloring. There are a bunch of species classified under this genus (and expected unidentified but common animals as well). We most often see either the aculeatus or another, nocturnal animal that is quite a bit smaller (not sure of the species but Espy was one of these).

Another we see from there is a macropus of some kind but the coloration does not look like the two I have kept.


Not sure if it's my "noobyness" to the field of ceph keeping but..... if that octopus is nocturnal (good feeling it is) then why would anyone trap the ceph in broad daylight. There's no where to hide and I'm surprised the poor little guy is still alive.

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