dwarf octo questions


i need help. as a 1st time octo owner i have desided a dwarf octo would be best. but several questions i have are not mentioned on most sites i check. so here goes.
1) will more than octopus live together in the same tank with out eating each other
2) if i get 2 females and 1 male will the male impregnate bolth females
3) how old will a baby octo have to be before it can be taken out of the tank [for research? (wieghing and measuring)]

i apreceate any help you can give me, and please include a list of websites and forums you think could help me

:octopus: this is what i need. a pygmy :octopus:


Mercatoris's are the only one that I know of that have been housed together in a home aquarium. Dwhatley has some journals on the ones she has had and the ones she has raised. What exactly do you mean by research?


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abate, please check your initial post for some reading on housing and raising the mercs.

Roy has mentioned observations of blue ring males being able to mate with multiple females but has not mentioned if mercatoris males are also able to mate multiple times. I will venture to guess that they do, however, as I believe one of my males mated a second time with his initial mate (there were two males in the tank and it is possible it was the second male but the behavior suggested it was the original). The second mating was post hatch of her first brood so there were no more eggs to fertilize.

I can't help with #3 but do know that the chierchiae did not fair well as small hatchlings when they were momentarily removed from the water for weighing.

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