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Dwarf newly hatched cuttlefish eating copepods and amphipods?
I know some people have had great success? I have a H. O. T. Cpr fuge that is teaming with amphipods and also my main tank. But the question that I have is how long will amphipods be able to satisfy hatchlings? Me and mysis shrimp aren't on very good terms as far as keeping them alive that long and also I've read that there lifespan is only a couple of weeks anyway.


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You might have success with amphipods for the first couple of weeks. They only eat the mysids for a few weeks too before switching to larger shrimp. I had terrible luck keeping mysids alive, but I just kept ordering more...


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My best attempt with mysis was to feed them twice daily with frozen daphnia in a round (bio-orb with no filtration active) tank that contained live rock and only an air stone placed in a circle along the bottom. Prior to trying this, most of my mysis died before being fed out. This set up still had mysis after 2 weeks.

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