O. bimaculoides
Anyone know if the DVD entitled "The Ultimate Guide: Octopus," which was created by the Australian Discovery Channel, will play in U.S. DVD players? It is a PAL4 region DVD. The U.S. is PAL1. Anyone?


Colossal Squid
there are region free dvd players, but i've never come across one personally.... IF you had one, then i'd say yes, but probably not....


Blue Ring
You can view it in a computer DVD player 2 ways. One, is you have the ability to change your DVD players region 5 times. If you put in a DVD that isnt from the current region you have the option to change it. If you exceed the 5 changes though, throw out the player as it will lock it out and I believe can only be unlocked with the assistance of the manufacturer. The second method, is to obtain a product called "Region Free". This is a product that intercepts the computer region checking and tells it to ignore it when playing a DVD. I have this product and it work excellent for viewing overseas DVDs.

Hope this helps.

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