Dracula and Dagon?

Nov 6, 2004
So I recently saw the movie Blade: Trinity. What can I say? I like vampires, marshal arts, and beautiful women who can't act. Anyway, the vampires resurrect Dracula to help them whup on Wesley Snipes. But before Snipes and his group of vampire hunters get any real action going, there's a brief conversation about what they're up against. They say that Dracula went by many names and is much older than Vlad the Impaler, blah, blah, blah. Every vampire book/movie likes to tell you that everything you've ever read about vampires is a bunch of nonsense, except what they're telling you. Anyway, they say the Sumerians called Dracula by the name of Dagon. I thought that was a little odd. Where do you suppose the writer would get a crazy idea like that?


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Mar 15, 2003
When you lock up a lot of hack writers in one room...eventually you run across one who has read some of the Cthulhu mythos, and wants to throw in a zinger...

Dracul isn't really that odd of a name in Romania or in other slavic states...Sumeria??? What the heck does Sumeria have to do with Dracula??? Seemed to me that the whole plot line of that film was a little garbled...the girls in tight outfit bits were ok, but other than that...yawnfest.



Jan 22, 2004
Dagon is not exclusive to the Cthulhu mythos. Just took the time to ask Google and:


little fish; diminutive from dag = a fish, the fish-god; the national god of the Philistines (Judg. 16:23). This idol had the body of a fish with the head and hands of a man. It was an Assyrio-Babylonian deity, the worship of which was introduced among the Philistines through Chaldea. The most famous of the temples of Dagon were at Gaza (Judg. 16:23-30) and Ashdod (1 Sam. 5:1-7).

Now what that's got to do with Dracula, i don't know. Let's just remember we're talking about a Blade movie :lol:

Nov 6, 2004
Maybe this business about Dagon being a fish-god and a bloodsucker explains why that little Innsmouth incident happened after nightfall.

So i guess Dagon was active with the philistines for a while, went to sleep for several thousand years, woke up, went to the Carpathian mountains and fought with the sacred order of the Dracul or something like that, lost his wife, got pissed off, became a vampire, did a little song and dance with Abe Van Helsing and the Harkers, got his head chopped off by Jonny Harker, put it back on at some point, went back under the ocean, came up a couple of times to make a cameo in a Lovecraft story, went back to sleep in the Syrian desert, and finally got woken up by some other vampires for a pissing contest with Wesley Snipes, where he seems to have met his demise again. And somewhere in there he changed his name to Drake. That sound about right? All of that Dagonian treasure was gold right? No silver?

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