Dog Toys!


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:grin: Great pic!

I like the octopus toy... and I like Seamus. I had a dog named Seamus. Did you name him after the Pink Floyd song from Meddle as I did? :smile:


Colossal Squid
Thanks Tony,

Actually no, Seamus is named kind of after my Dad! It was a family joke that Dad (whose name is actualy John!) used to tease my Brother and say that his name was in fact Seamus and that Bro shoiuld know his own father's name (this was when Bro was about 8 or so and very gullible!) . So when the dog arrived he looked like a Seamus and so Seamus he is!

He absolutely adores the octopus and it goes most places with him, which can be a problem at 2 am when he dumps it on your face!


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