Does anyone know how to take care of snails?


:roll:I didn't really know where to put this thread, so I put it here because I need help with animal care. Anyway, I have had a golden mystery snail for about a month now. I got him at Walmart, but I'm not sure if I'm taking care of him right. If anyone has information, I beg you to post!
Ok, here's a list of my care of Snail( Yes, I named him snail!:lol:)

:heart:First, I clean his tank every week. (I use distilled tap water from the midwest. Should I be using something different?)
:heart:Second, I feed him every other day.(I use 2 Bradley(R) brand fish flakes.)
:heart:Third, I clean his shell when he gets really dirty with a soft cloth.(Should I be doing that?)

:confused:I guess if you have anything to reccomend, like a different kind of water or food, you can. Also, my snail has a long, tubelike thing, that it uses to get oxygen. Is that normal? He also lives alone. Is that a good thing, or does he need other fish with him?

Thanks so much:wink:,


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#30girl, you are correct, snail care is not part of a ceph forum. There are off topic postings available in the Supporter's forum, designed for this kind of help request.

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