Do Octos Favor an Arm?


So I don't know how dump of a question this is, but do octos favor a certain arm, as humans do? I think I've read that some animals do, however they have an equal number of right and left handed (as opposed to humans, who are predominantly right handed). So do octos have a arm they prefer to use or do they perhaps rely on certain arms to do different tasks?


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I dont know officially but i notice that all my octos use there front two arms for most tasks, and the rear two arms as anchors( or legs). There is an article or paper that talks about it somewhere. i'll try and find it, unless D knows where it is.


try these:

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Behav Brain Res. 2006 Sep 25;172(2):195-201. Epub 2006 Jun 22.
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Lateralized eye use in Octopus vulgaris shows antisymmetrical distribution
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I may have full copies somewhere, so feel free to pm me if these spark your interest. You should also be able to read the abstracts without journal subscriptions.

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