Do Not Do Business With Sharksunlimited!!


O. vulgaris
To keep the story short:
-6/27 -ordered $70 worth of fiddler crabs
-spoke with Ken on the phone and they were to ship
O/N on 6/30 or 7/1
-7/3 -still had not received crabs so I called and spoke with
Ken. He said he tried to send them Wed 7/2 but the
post office would not guarantee O/N delivery and he
wanted to wait until the following week because
of 7/4 holiday
-7/10 -after numerous email and phone attempts to contact
Ken I filed a claim with paypal
-7/14 -After escalting the claim with paypal, Ken sent an
email stating "Will do, Bryan. Sorry we let you
down." in response to me asking for a refund
-refund never sent!!!
-7/25 -paypal informed me he still had not contacted them
and his paypal account is closed until he refunds my

So, as of today I am out $70 and had to reorder from another company. Hopefully I will get my fiddler this time and soon!!!


Haliphron Atlanticus
Did you ever try Sachs? You seem to be having nothing but trouble with all these other "suppliers".


O. vulgaris
I'm giving Tarbay another shot.I really liked their fiddlers. They all arrived alive and not a single one died before it was their play time with the octo. this time Chad called me about 15 minutes after I placed the order and it is setup to ship on Monday.

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