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Divers abusing animals...


O. bimaculoides
Aug 5, 2004
So I've been on the hunt for some interesting Ceph encounters on youtube and alike and I am always shocked at the sheer mass of videos where one or more divers abuse the (mostly) defenseless creatures to no end.

It's really saddening that there are so many people out there who cared to learn how to dive but apparently have no respect at all of the creatures they encounter as long as they know that they aren't going to be bitten :banghead:

Well, I'd like to see one of them pester a moray or a shark for a change instead of a soft bodied animal that has no way of defending themselves against a diver except of inking and trying to swim away.... which doesn't really work well given the fact that most of them are just roughly grabbed and yanked around....

I know this probably doesn't belong here, but after having seen more than a few dozen of these videos I needed to blow off some steam :mad:

Been starting to flag these as "animal abuse".. even if it probably doesn't help....

On a side note, I've found this really awesome video:


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Oct 19, 2003
There's a particularly gruesome one I watched, unprepared for the abuse, I might add, that sickened me. It's a fishery program called "chew on this", or something, that shows a record hammerhead shark fisherman cut off the fins ('wings") of a live stingray as bait. In my country this calls for a lawsuit.


Haliphron Atlanticus
Staff member
Dec 31, 2003
On a positive note- many large underwater photo contests send their entries around to verify that the animals in the photos weren't being harassed. They want to make sure their winning photos don't show a behavior that an animal would only do if being stressed.

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